I'm Brittni, your mom-life mentor

I know everyone says "mom-life is so hard," but I just can't bring myself to agree. I'm more on board with the whole "mom-life, best life," train of thought.

I believe motherhood is awesome and all those hard parts aren't really motherhood. The hardest parts of motherhood should be watching our kids struggle to learn something new, or going through a heartbreak.

Keeping up with dishes, stressing about what schooling options to choose, getting behind on laundry, and feeling like you’re not an absolute MILF, shouldn’t be the “hard parts of motherhood.” Because let’s face it. Those are just a distraction for the real reason you’re a mom, your real purpose as a mom.

Getting hung up on those chores or limiting beliefs just isn't your destiny.

You are meant to bloom

I believe that all women bloom when the season and environment is right for them. I also believe that with our minds, we can manipulate our environment. Through practices like effective affirmations, grounding, and deep gratitude, we can shift our whole mindsets and FEEL like we are living a new life, even without our external world changing at all.


Paying attention to what's happening around you. Getting in tune with the needs of others. Being grateful for where you currently are. That's mindfulness

Self Care & Love

Noticing your own needs. Taking action to care for yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Keeping your cup full and avoiding burn out.

Home Care

Your home is meant to serve you, not you to serve it. Your home is meant to be a place of peace and restoration, not the source of your stress. By implementing simple solutions to safe time and sanity in your home care routine along with mindset shifts, your home will soon be your source of peace, not your source of stress.

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Ready to Make Shift Happen?

Your mindset is either your greatest enemy or your greatest asset - you get to decide.

It's time choose happy. It's time to choose fulfillment. It's time to stop playing the victim in your own home and start owning your mom-life.

You are the curator of your happiness. It's that simple. It's your time to take action and live the peaceful, joyful mom-life you've been afraid to dream of.